Community led SACs? Barra workshop

UntitledOn the 22nd July 2014 we took part in a workshop in Castlebay, Barra, organised by the local group Voluntary Action Barra and Vatersay.

The workshop was to discuss the potential for community management of the Sound of Barra marine SAC (a European protected area). As of yet, there are no community led SAC management schemes in the whole of Europe, so the Sound of Barra could potentially become the first scheme of its type, leading the way for other local communities who are keen to play an active role in protecting their local marine environment.

The materials created for the workshop have been added to the resources page of our Ecologies and Identities workshop. They cover the legal basis of European Marine Sites (such as SACs and SPAs) and can be used by any local community group interested in the potential of community management.

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